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Taskbar Commander
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 What is? and How do I?:
- Getting Started
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- Auto Arrange
What: When checked allows you to set X number of applications that will be considered your favorites.
How: The number corresponds to the first X applications starting from the top of the list.  If one of these app should happen to close Taskbar Commander will keep a place holder for that app and highlight it. Then once a user opens up a new app identical to the missing one, Taskbar commander will automatic move the new app into the favorites place holder. Auto
Arrange->Then check Enable and select the number of applications to be saved as your range of favorites.

- Auto check for taskbar changes
What: This is on by default and automatically checks to see if the user has opened up a new window or has closed an existing one.
How: This can not be turned off but can be adjusted using advanced Options. Option->Advanced

- Always on top
What: When checked, Taskbar Commander will always appear on top.
How: Option->Always on Top OR Right Click System tray Icon-Always on top

- Start Minimized
What: When checked, Taskbar Commander will load and then minimize.
How: Option->Start Minimized

- Arranging applications
What: How can I ordering simular apps together.
How: Unfortunately Taskbar Commander does not support that feature directly, but there is a way around this. Let's say you want all Internet Explorer to open up next to each other. If you where to open up a large number on Internet Explorers, then open up Taskbar Commander and click on "Auto Arranger". Increase the number of Favorite application by the number of Internet Explorers you have opened. Click Ok and move all the Internet Explorers next to each other starting with the top most spot. That should do it. Now you can close any or all the browsers. The next time you open one, it will be automatically moved into the first position or next to the other IE browsers. You can then repeat this process for each application that you desirer.
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